About us

Our Mission:

As a child, I spent hours with my father learning about how to make clothing in our family garment factory. Now I create my own designs for J76 and Leostar and all my clothing is locally and ethically sourced and produced in Vancouver.

J76 and Leostar , our yoga apparel and active wear brands were created for everyday comfort, long lasting durability, and blend of style and performance.   

Our Motto:

Our motto is Live, Laugh, Love. Live your life to the fullest. Laugh as often as possible. Love your body and love life.

Our Brands:

J76 Bamboo Wear: Made with our exclusive bamboo fabric, our bamboo line is antibacterial, hypo-allergic and designed for comfort and style.

LeoStar Athletica: A selection of durable active wear made for a wide variety of sports. Certain items have built in UV protection and all items are moisture wicking and shrink and fade resistant.

Our Locations:

We have retail stores in Coquitlam Centre (Coquitlam). We also have numerous retail partners in BC and across Canada. We encourage you to visit us on-line at www.j76cw.com